About Us

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right that consumers should not have to sign away the moment they turn on their computers or open up their web browsers.

We are a group of successful Stanford University engineers. Our mission is to put consumers, businesses, and governments back in control of their data privacy and protect their most sensitive data. PrivacyWall Search is designed to be fast and secure.

We built PrivacyWall because we wanted to protect our personal privacy. We were fed up with unwanted data collection by Big Tech for the explicit purpose of selling advertising.

Today, every major search engine has a significant interest in capturing and recording all of your online activity.

Please join us on our mission to protect your personal privacy and use PrivacyWall as your primary search engine.

Please learn more about our privacy practices by reading our privacy policy and terms of use. For comments and questions, please contact us using one of the following methods below:

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PO Box 12175
San Juan, PR 00914

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+1 (855) 886-0838