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PrivacyWall Joins Coalition to Make Time for Workers to Vote




San Juan, Puerto Rico – October 30, 2020: PrivacyWall today announced it joined the Time to Vote coalition in October and plans to provide its employees the entire day off on November 3, 2020. This milestone is a major move for PrivacyWall on its mission to bend the arc of history towards a more inclusive future.


At the beginning of the pandemic, PrivacyWall recognized a huge problem. Over 55 million Americans in 11 states do not have access to online voter registration. So, PrivacyWall sprung into action to build a self service voter registration site pro-bono for free. PrivacyWall also launched the PrivacyWall Matching Grants program to match our employee contributions of time and money.


“I am so proud to share our civic action initiatives.,” says Jonathan Wu, CEO at PrivacyWall. “That’s what makes us the #UnSearchEngine. That’s what it means to #Be #Different.”


This news comes in the wake of many recent civic activism initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:


·       4,500 voters registrations

·       510 donors

·       $1 million in volunteer hours


“As Puerto Ricans, we are disenfranchised and cannot vote in the general Presidential Election. Inspired by the remarkable life of John Lewis, we turned crisis into purpose.”


To learn more about civic action initiatives, click here.


About PrivacyWall: Our mission is to protect consumer privacy. ️PrivacyWall is committed to advancing digital inclusion and equal access, because #dreams are universal but opportunities are not. Join us in bending the arc of history towards a more inclusive #future.


About Time To Vote: Time to Vote, a business-led nonpartisan movement aimed at increasing voter participation in the upcoming presidential election, has demonstrated the impact the business community can have in furthering civic engagement across the U.S. Over 1,400 companies have joined, well ahead of its goal of 1,000 companies by November 3, with applicants rising to 100+ weekly. In fact, Puerto Rican voters may even decide the election!