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Keep your browsing activity private. We built PrivacyWall to offer every enterprise, government, and consumer the best privacy firewall for free, so you can browse the web without having your browsing activity and search query data tracked and collected. It's so easy. Anyone can download and install it in 1 minute.

Online Privacy

Start protecting your privacy with PrivacyWall. PrivacyWall protects your data privacy by blocking your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge), your Windows applications, and your operating system from collecting telemetry data about your computer usage, device property, location, browsing history, device diagnostics, and online activity.

Tracking Protection

You deserve the best data protection tool. Privacy blocks more than 3000 known invasive data trackers and keeps adding more everyday. PrivacyWall protects you from being tracked online. It blocks Facebook Connect from building a shadow profile of your online activity when you are not on Facebook. We limit and block collection of your app usage activity, your keystroke history, your speech. It's our mission to help keep your data private and prevent apps from collecting your personal data. We believe every consumer should have the choice to decide what to share and who they share it with.

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Help us improve PrivacyWall! We take every piece of user feedback as an opportunity to improve PrivacyWall, so we can accomplish our mission to block unwanted data collection by Windows applications, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. After your press submit, we will evaluate the tracking domain for inclusion in our block list to make PrivacyWall even more powerful and effective in protecting your privacy.

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