Protect Your Data with PrivacyWall

Browsing History Protect Your Browsing History from Facebook Shadow Profiling

Did you know that Facebook tracks your activity when you are not even on PrivacyWall blocks Facebook Connect from tracking you when you are not on Facebook, so your browsing history on the internet is not tied to your real name on Facebook. PrivacyWall also stops your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE) from snooping on your web browsing history. This way, your browsing history is never shared or collected.

No More Ads Goodbye Annoying Ads

PrivacyWall has built the most advanced adblocker. Install once and block ads on all browsers for good. Boost your surfing speeds 100% without buying a new PC!

Device Properties Protect Your Device Data

Major web browsers like Chrome and your operating system Windows collect your device information and save it in the cloud. PrivacyWall blocks telemetry data from being collected and stored so attackers cannot target you with device level attacks.

Location Protect Your Location from Discovery

PrivacyWall protects your location from being tracked.

Diagnostics Block Diagnostic Data Collection

Many software programs collect information that is beyond what is required to deliver a service to you. Did you know that many web browser ping their manufacturers everytime you open the web browser? This could give away your daily pattern of activity to unknown forces who may exploit your content consumption habits. PrivacyWall blocks these bulk collection requests.

Inking Protect Your Penmanship

Windows 10 collects inking data when you use your pen to write on your tablet. Your personal signature may be collected without your knowledge. PrivacyWall blocks inking collection.

Typing Protect Your Type Gait

Your typing pattern may give away who you are. Windows 10 is known for collecting typing patterns and logging your keystrokes. PrivacyWall protects against this type of collection.

Speech Protect Your Voice

When you Cortana, your voice print is sent to the cloud and analyzed. To stay anonymous, PrivacyWall blocks speech data collection to keep you safe.

App Usage Tired of Snooping?

Many software programs record what other software programs you are using. PrivacyWall blocks this type of meta collection to protect your privacy if you are using sensitive applications which you may not want to share with third parties who can use the data against you.

Consumption History Protect Your Surfing

Bulk collection of your click activity happens when you use many programs. Individuals engaged in top secret research programs and sensitive industries may not wish this data to be collected. We protect your content history from being collected and constantly improve our lists to guard your privacy.

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